New Content Provider: Archives Départementales de la Moselle

A new content provider has joined Archives Portal Europe: the Archives Départementales de la Moselle, France. The Archives hold institutional documents from the Ancient Régime onwards, as well as several private records. It is possible to consult the archives' catalogues, as well as digitised material, on their website:
With la Moselle, more than 90 French departemental archives have joined Archives Portal Europe

New Content Provider: Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

A new content provider has joined Archives Portal Europe: the Brandenburgischer Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), in Germany. The Academy was founded in 1700 by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, one of the most important philosophers and mathematicians of all times. The Academy unites natural sciences and humanities, and holds one of the oldest and most comprehensive academy archives in the world, spanning 300 years of history. It is possible to consult the catalogue here

New Content Provider: Tongeren City Archives

A new content provider has joined Archives Portal Europe: the Stadsarchief Tongeren (city archives of Tongeren), in Belgium. With Tongeren, 22 archives from Belgium are present in Archives Portal Europe.  It is possible to consult the Tongeren Archive's inventory and library catalogue online at this link.

APEF has launched version 3 of its API

As per today version 3 of the Archives Portal Europe's API is available. It offers fourteen services via which a state of the art website or web service could be build, based on data filtered out of Archives Portal Europe’s vast amount of content and making use of its search engine.

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APEF starts on implementing EAD3

The Archives Portal Europe team has decided to start working on enabling the ingestion of finding aids in the new EAD3 format in the portal and it will start this endeavour by enabling the ingestion of so called "additional finding aids" in EAD3 first.

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