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The #AllezDemocracy campaign in collaboration with Europeana was launched on the 19th of September. A list of pubished documents here

Every Tuesday and Thursday all APEF and EUROPEANA social media channel will post about one document that tells the story of the democratisation process in Europe. We invite everyone to follow the hashtag #AllezDemocracy and contribute to the debate on the democratisation of Europe.

We wil periodically update the list of published documents here:

Esborrany dels capítols del do de la Cort de Barcelona (Spain, 1365)

Registrum dove si insinuano (Malta, 1574)

Draft capitulation of the French in Gozo (Malta, 1798)

The Law of Epidaurus (Greece, 1822)

Pitäjänkokousten pöytäkirjat (Iceland, 1845-1872)

The Islaz Proclamation (Romania, 1848)

Appello agli Elettori (Malta, 1849)

Vér mótmælum allir (Iceland, 1851)