Important new functionalities are available on Archives Portal Europe.

We are glad to announce a new APE release, this time via Github

This new release, the second APE release of 2017, complies to the “Rights Statements” introduced by Europeana and other heritage institutions to deal with the problem of copyright for digital collections ( When forwarding content from APE to Europeana (via the apeEAD to EDM conversion functionality in the APE’s Dashboard) it is now possible to choose from a vast list of options on copyright statements (see full list below)

Also, APEF has kept the promise to publish its source code as open source, via Github. In fact, the release was not deployed via the old SVN server anymore, but from the Foundation’s Github account, where the Data Preparation Tool (DPT) was already available. This means that anyone can access and explore the Portal’s back-end as well as front-end source code here:

As a result of today’s new release, a new version of our Data Preparation Tool (DPT) is now available: v2.5.2, via Github or via this link:

Rights statements for links to digital objects in finding aids:

  • Public Domain Mark
  • Creative Commons - CC0 Public Domain Dedication
  • Creative Commons - Attribution
  • Creative Commons - Attribution ShareAlike
  • Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial
  • Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike
  • Creative Commons - Attribution No Derivatives
  • Creative Commons - Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives
  • Europeana rights statements:
    • In Copyright
    • In Copyright EU Orphan Work
    • In Copyright Educational Use Permitted
    • No Copyright Other Known Legal Restrictions
    • No Copyright Non-Commercial Use Only
    • Copyright Not Evaluated