How to become an APEF Associate

Can become an APEF Associate:

  • Any entity that qualifies as a European Archival Institution, such as any institution that works to preserve documents and sources related to the history of Europe, exclusively or not exclusively
  • Any entity that qualifies as a European Archival Research Institution, such as any institution that promotes research on the history of Europe, exclusively or not exclusively

The APEF associate candidate will be approved by the Assembly of Associates (AoA), according to article 21 of the APEF Statutes.

APEF currently accepts organisations based in Europe as associates. However, extra-European applications will also be considered under special circumstances, to the discretion of the AoA.

Extra-European institutions interested in joining APEF should contact the President of the Governing Board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), who will submit their demand to the AoA. In case of acceptance, fees will be set following the same criteria as for the European institutions.

Application procedure

Candidates should contact APEF (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Every application has to be approved by the AoA.

The association to APEF includes an annual contribution fee which varies per associate in relation to the annual operating expenses of the institution.

In case the contribution fees represent an insurmountable obstacle, the candidate can pay part of the fee via in-kind contribution. In-kind contributions can include event organisation, technical support, office work, and any other help that the associate can give. Candidates can discuss this possibility with APEF.

Benefits of becoming an APEF Associate

  • Allow the institution to join a unique network of European Archives and cultural institutions through which to run projects;
  • Unique visibility through the APEF communication channels;
  • Have a representative to actively contribute to APEF decisions and to the AoA meetings;
  • Oversee the policy of the Governing Board and the general course of affairs in the Foundation and be at the source of new developments in the archives domain;
  • Be actively involved in the European expert centre on aggregation and presentation of archival holdings;
  • Be part of a thriving professional network with access to comprehensive documentation on international archival standards and current topics as well as having the opportunity to form new partnerships, to collaborate and innovate;
  • Be part of a trustworthy and inspirational group of frontrunners in the European archival community, working on new business models and best practices;
  • Become a stakeholder in the creation, maintenance and development of common tools, standards and services for archives;
  • Be given free participation in or discounts for trainings, workshops, conferences and other events set up by the Foundation.

Duties of becoming an APEF Associate

  • Help to shape the future of the largest online aggregator of European archival material;
  • Contribute to maintaining and managing the Archives Portal Europe by maintaining, updating, expanding and improving the accessibility of the (meta)data available in the Archives Portal Europe;
  • Contribute to maintaining and enhancing the infrastructure of the Archives Portal Europe to the benefit of its associates, content providers and users;
  • Pay the annual fee and deliver in-kind contributions, if agreed upon.

Please note that it is not necessary to become an associate to be able to upload content to the portal: providing content is not subject to any charge or payment. If you are interested in becoming a content provider, you can find all information here.